I'm Amey, an incoming Ph.D. student in cryptography at the Department of Computer Science & Engineering at the University of Connecticut. I'm advised by Dr. Benjamin Fuller. I am interested in building provably secure cryptographic protocols that address real-world problems using a deep understanding of practical considerations. My research interests are driven by the difficulty faced by engineers in handling the brittle and corner cases of cryptosystems in practice.

    My research is driven by the key observation that while cryptographers have created wonderful protocols that can do things once thought to be science fiction, in practice, these protocols are implemented by software engineers who are usually not experts in cryptography and often with limited time and with a limited budget. Our society increasingly depends on these protocols. The theoretical maximum of wonderful things a protocol can do is less important than how it's likely to perform in the hands of an engineer. My work focuses on making these tools into something better suited to the work of an industrial engineer.

    Right now, I am a master's student at the School of Computing at Wichita State University, advised by Dr. Sergio Salinas Monroy. I am investigating private auction mechanisms for additive manufacturing and developing general game theory techniques to build a multi-time- step auction that can make decisions for future allocations based on past allocations. I have also spent time at NetApp bridging storage and networking.

Academic Background

2023 - _  Ph.D. in Computer Science, University of Connecticut
   In the area of cryptography under the direction of Dr. Benjamin Fuller.
2023  Masters in Computer Science, Wichita State University
   In the area of cybersecurity with thesis under Dr. Sergio Salinas.
2021  Bachelors in Computer Science, Wichita State University
   Senior Design Project: Fuzzer coupled with an ARM Emulator.

Employment History

2021 - _  Graduate Teaching Assistant, Wichita State University
    - TA for Introduction to Cybersecurity, Routing & Switching I, Applied
      Computing & Networks, Applied Programming & Scripting, Applied Web
      Apps & Database Development, and Introduction to Databases.
    - Graded assignments, reached out and guided struggling students,
      reinfoced material, held office hours, and tracked attendance.
2019 - _  Student Researcher, Wichita State University
    - Investigating malware detection mechanisms for obfuscated binaries.
    - Investigated privacy-preserving mechanisms for NN Auctions in additive
    - Security research for a black box device used by a leading agriculture
      vehicle manufacturer (under NDA).
2021  Software Engineering co-op, NetApp
    - NetApp is a storage appliance company that focuses on SAN, NAS, and
      other hybrid-cloud storage solutions.
    - Developed and maintained E-Series REST API which served as an interface
      to low-level details of the storage appliance.
    - Developed a next-generation container execution framework utilizing
      Kubernetes and Docker to run storage software and functions on
      corresponding software with load balancing and highly available topology.
    - Developed a python wraper for Ansible Tower REST API which was utilized
      by QA to automatically provision tests on vSphere and Docker instances.
    - Developed a resource provisioning framework to provision storage software
      virtually on demand saving thousands of hours of developer downtime.
    - Optimized CI/CD pipelines to reduce execution times by introducing a
      dependency caching and provisioning layer.
    - Implemented stress tests for storage appliances to test recovery in case
      of faults due to a human operator.
    - Utilized Java, Python, and C++, and wrote unit tests.
2018  Undergraduate Teaching Assistant, Wichita State University
    - TA for Introduction to Programming & Object Oriented Programming.
    - Graded assignments, guided students, and managed labs.


>         Amey Shukla and Sergio Salinas. Differentially Private Neural Network
          Auctions for Additive Manufacturing with edge devices.
          Currently manuscript. Presented at CanSec 2022.


>         Ranked in Top 10, National Cyber League (CTF).
          Out of 600+ teams and 3000+ players across United States.
>         Awarded Dean's Medal and Global Select Scholarship.
          Offered for maintaining a good GPA.

Other Activities

2021      Vice President, Wichita State Linux Users Group
        - Managed a Linux Users Group with 300+ members.
        - Led workshops on cryptography, systems programming, linux, and graphics.
        - Held training sessions for members of the cybersecurity team.
2021      Volunteer, Wichita State Cybersecurity Summer Camp
        - Invited to help moderate a cybersecurity summer camp for high schoolers.
        - Answered questions, debugged code, and pointed problem approach issues.

Technical Skills

        Languages: C, C++, Python, Java, Scala, Perl.
        Tools: Git, Docker, Ansible, Kubernetes, LXC, KVM, ESXi, Unikernels.
        Others: Novice in Cryptography.

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